GIVEAWAY: Linky Followers Sign Up! [CLOSED]

Hey All! Thanks to Linky Followers and a post by PARAJUNKEE there is a link to all my GFC-lacking problems. I know a lot of folks are freaking out because there will be no more GFC for non-Blogger blogs. Well, I have a account so I could never use it anyway. I was always trying to figure something out. Well now I have the answer to my problems!

Giveaway Details

So you’re wondering where the giveaway comes in right? Well, for the next two weeks I’m holding a giveaway for people who sign up to follow me on Linky Followers. Just click the Follow My Blog! link on the left sidebar under Linky Followers. Just follow the steps to join Linky Followers then my blog.

Dates: Feb 8-Feb 22 at midnight (Central Standard Time)

Prizes: Book(s) of your choice up to 15 dollars at Amazon or Barnes & Nobel (US) or 15 dollars towards a book(s) of choice at the Book Depository as long as they ship to your country (International)


Mandatory: Follow me on Linky Followers

Optional (1 extra entry per link):

Tweet this:
Win a book of your choice for following tattoogirlreads (Up to $15-Intl) @maiinwonderland


Share this link with facebook or wherever else you want.

Total Entries Up to 3 links the first day and up to 2 links every day after.


The winner has been notified. They have until the 28th to respond. If not I will contact a new winner.

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44 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Linky Followers Sign Up! [CLOSED]

  1. LOVE!!! Awesome giveaway Dprissypunk(at)gmail(dot)com I tweeted and followed.. and stoked about your blog I love!!

  2. Thank you for the giveaway!

    Linky: Unabridged Bookshelf

  3. Followed and tweeted!!!!! Great blog here! Followed via Twitter @wtfareyoureadin

  4. I just followed you. This is pretty cool. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway. I follow (I think) as JessS.


  6. Thanks for this giveaway
    Linky as Zenda Stark

  7. Thank you for the giveaway!
    LF name: carolina

  8. Linky – Suzanne Finnegan

    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  9. I only did the linky follower: Julianne

  10. Linky follower I’m Jess resides here or Jessica ( frellathon ) not sure if I’m showing as my name or blog title still need to figure that out. But yay for linky I love it too.

  11. linky follower: miki

    thanks youa lot for this international giveaway

    all the best

  12. Thanks so much

    linky- Michelle@Book Briefs


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