PIMP THIS: The Walking Dead…the Telltale video game

I know some of you guys know this already but I play video games. Why do I play video games? For the same reason that I read books. To have an adventure. If a game doesn’t have a good story, I’m not interested. Well I just finished The Walking Dead by Telltale games. It’s a game set in the world of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead but with a very different cast of characters. The only character you can recognize from the comics or TV series is Glenn and he’s only a minor character for a brief period before he meets up with the characters we know and love (or love to hate).

The main characters, Lee, the main protagonist and character that you play, and Clementine, the eight-year-old little girl that Lee is trying to keep alive, are amazing to watch grow and struggle. The point of the game is to not only stay alive but to watch these two characters develop.

Did anyone read chose your own adventure books when you were a kid? I did and this really reminds me of it. The decisions you make throughout the game develops what kind of person Lee turns out to be and what Clementine thinks of him because of it. When you play you can make Lee an asshole (understandable with the situations he’s placed in but no less an asshole) or he can be a role model and advocate for others.

I put this little article on my book blog because I think a lot of readers are also gamers or at least they should be. And if you have ever screamed at a book or game because the character isn’t doing what you would do then at least you have a chance to shape Lee in this one.


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