CRAP MY HUSBAND MAKES ME READ: Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis , Mike McKone , Shane Davis

As a prelude to the highly anticipated 2009 GREEN LANTERN storyline “The Blackest Night,” this collection sets up the events that Geoff Johns has been leading to since he relaunched the Green Lantern franchise in 2006!

Plagued by an age-old prophecy from a prison planet on the far side of the galaxy, Green Lantern Hal Jordan searches for answers about the fate of his Green Lantern Corps. But when a primal being named Atrocitus emerges from that hell planet, he leads a Red Lantern Corps against Jordan and his brethren in a campaign to spread rage across the cosmos.

This was pretty good actually. I still really feel like I need to read an origins story about Hal Jordan in order to fully appreciate the Green Lantern series but I thought this one was really interesting. I guess that normally there are only two colors: Green (Willpower) and Yellow (Fear). But in this one I got to see Green, Yellow, Blue (Hope) and Pink (Loss maybe?). My husband recommended it to me for two reasons: (1) Because Green Lantern is his favorite comic series and (2) Because he likes seeing the variety of colors.

I’m going to admit that the whole idea of the Green Lantern universe seemed pretty lame when I heard about it. Super powers based on emotions? Lame. But it turns out that it’s not. I actually kind of like it. Not like how I like Batman man but still, it’s pretty good.

If I had to recommend one of the two Green Lantern’s I’ve read, I would recommend this one over Tales of the Sinestro Corps because the story isn’t as halting and you feel like you learn more about the characters so you can connect with them easier. Plus there is more about the main character (I guess he’s the main character), Hal Jordan.

As for the art I thought it was really cool. There was even a cute kitty cat that spews blood. You don’t see that every day.



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