REVIEW: Suicide Squad, Vol. 1: Kicked in the Teeth by Adam Glass & Ryan Benjamin

As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics–The New 52 event of September 2011, writer and co-creator of the CW show “Supernatural” Adam Glass rolls out an all-new team of death-row super villains recruited by the government to take on missions so dangerous-they’re sheer suicide
The story begins with the Suicide Squad defeated, imprisoned and being interrogated about their newest mission. Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot and company must make it out alive without revealing who’s pulling the strings behind their illegal operations. Who will be the first to crack under the pressure? More importantly will they make it all out alive?

Welllll….I’m going to go with a big fat MEH on this one. I was really excited to read it because one of the main reason’s why I like Batman is because of the villains, especially Harley Quinn. I love her crazy ass.

Here is the deal: bunch of supervillains want time shaved off of their sentence so they go on suicide missions to deal with really weird events (such as a super virus breakout in a sports dome). But the plot was really weak and most of the villains chosen to be in the squad are lame outside of the three main dudes (Harley, Deadshot, and Diablo). King Shark may not be lame per say but he’s still really weird. Other than that, villains like Yo-Yo who can yo-yo his weight? Pa-leaze.

Here is what I liked: most of the art, Harley and her craziness, Deadshot, and Harley’s backstory.

One thing that was really cool was the tie in to Batman Detective Comics Vol 1 where Joker gets his face cut off. I’ve been wondering what was up with that. Just incase you’re interested, here is the link to that review.

Even though this one is mediocre, I will still continue to read it because of Harley. If Harley gets taken out then I might be okay with stopping this one.


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