REVIEW: The Death of Orcle by Gail Simone

I was really looking forward to this. I’ve read two volumes of the New 52 Birds of Prey and a lot of people told me that I really needed to get my hands on Gail Simone’s version, that it was better. But honestly, I disagree and was disappointed. The art was beautiful, and I loved all the character designs, but I was bored, and the story didn’t have the pacing I wanted.

There were times when this could have been really cool, but then it just didn’t pan out. For example, the bad girl Mortis with her weird and scary power to bring people to their knees because they have to relive every awful thing they have ever done. She uses said power on Black Canary, she is killing Canary in her mind. Then, she says the wrong thing about her friends and suddenly Canary has this badass moment where she snaps out of it and kicks Mortis’s butt (all in her head). All we see is Mortis writhing around. That’s it? Lame.

There are some other really interesting characters like Junior (a serial killer female who sort of looks like Scarecrow) and Question (a detective with no face) seem really cool too, but there just isn’t enough about them in this volume. I’ll probably try to read the follow-up to this so I can learn more about them, but if I’m as bored with the next one as I was with this one then I’ll probably call it quits on this run and just stick with the New 52. Besides, in the New 52 there is a tattooed girl. Who doesn’t love a tattooed girl?

I had really high hopes for this because not only is it all about badass girls, it’s also written by a girl. At least the looked cool…

Oh, a final note: this was the first time I’ve ever seen Catman. Lame. Is he cool in any other comics?



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