Comic Read-a-thon begins again!

Hey ya’ll! The comic read-a-thon begins again! I’m really trying to get through all this stuff I checked out, bought, or borrowed. I love every second of it but I need to make sure it’s not just laying around.

#1: Court of Owls #1

This one is a really good start into DC’s villain month (yep, I’m a week late). It gives you some history and shows flashes of things that have happened with the Talon though the ages. The art is really interesting, not pretty like I like, but interesting in a way that sets a tone as is better than pretty.





#2: Ventriloquist #1

Talk about creepy…yuck. Yuck in a good way mind you. I seriously don’t want to sleep with the lights off. I was already scared of those little things because of the Puppet Master movie from the late 80s and this made it worse. Plus Shauna has a very creepy past that makes her into a very creepy woman. Gross. Very good.





#3 Poison Ivy #1

Poison Ivy was mediocre. The drawings were nice but the overall story lacked some follow through. I liked her back story but I just couldn’t see how the story was progressing towards the end. It was like it just ended which left me without closure but didn’t seem like it was going to go forward in later issues.


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