#4: Two-Face #1 (Batman and Robin #23.1)

Two-Face also was a little mediocre. Instead of really telling part of Harvey Dent’s past it just showed flashes of what his old life would have looked like when he walks through the courthouse. I know a fair about of info about Two-Face as was hoping to get a new perspective on his back story with this. That just didn’t happen. The only saving grace? The art. It was really nice and fit with the character.





#5: Lobo #1 (Justice League #23.1)

Yeah…this one was alright but I have mixed feelings. I have to tell you, I have no idea who Lobo is. I bought it for my husband since he likes Lobo. I don’t even know who is foes are (Superman? Batman?) I thought the character design and the idea of who he is at first (or at least who I thought he is) was pretty cool but then he’s just a terrible person with no redeeming qualities except for his fighting style. But I guess that means it was a pretty good comic since it evoked such a dislike in me for Lobo.




#6: Deadshot #1 (Justice League America #1)

I thought this one was really good. I loved seeing how Deadshot came about; seeing his tragic family history, where his name came from (the book), and his thoughts on all of the jobs he takes. The only thing is, this didn’t really seem like a villain’s story. It seemed more like a vigilante hero’s story.

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