Comic Reviews: Lazarus #4, Rat Queens #1, and Forever Evil #2

Another great issue we get with Lazarus #4. It’s mainly a fight scene. The fight scene is so good and pretty that you barely notice that you learn next to nothing in this issue. The last page is a real cliffhanger though, be prepared. Can’t wait till next time!





Ooooh. My first issue of Rat Queens. I’d heard it was good but I didn’t think I’d enjoy it so much. The dialogue and weird curses they use are ridiculous and at first I hated it but by the end I just realized that it helps really illustrate what kind of characters we’re reading about. The art is wonderful and I can’t wait for issue two. If you play weird card/board games like Munchkin you will greatly appreciate this.





Arrrgh. These DC epic events are getting harder and harder to follow. I have so many damn comic issues to follow (Really you can’t just go Forever Evil 1-5 it has to be Forever Evil #2, then Phantom Stranger #6, then Teen Titans #24, etc.!?) I now understand why checklists are provided. I’m having a harder time following what is happening in this event. I need to read more of the trinity war first…


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