I loved Bane #1 (Batman #23.4). It shows Bane as a smart yet ruthless character. I think he sometimes gets portrayed as the big dumb venom-sterioded-up block head in games and comics but not in this one. We got to see a little of his life back in Santa Prisca, some of his history, and some of his plans for the future. I’m super excited to read Forever Evil Arkham War #1 to find out what happens next.




Sinestro #1 (Green Lantern #23.4) was also really good. Do you remember how in almost ever Green Lantern review I do, I say that I feel like I’m missing out and want some background? Well I got my wish. I get to see Sinestro before he is a Lantern, how he becomes one, and through what decisions he becomes bad. Great one shot. It did throw me some more questions about things that have happened in the universe, but in a good way, makes me want to hunt down those stories so I can grasp what’s going on in full.




I’m trying to put an end to my complaints about not knowing what the crap is going on in DC universe by reading Justice League of America #6 (Part 2 of 6 for Trinity War) Superman has maybe/maybe not killed someone and his is distraught. The two Justice Leagues feel betrayed because they’ve been fighting against each other, and now Wonder Woman is contacting Justice League Dark for some help. What will happen next? I don’t know but it’s damn interesting.


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