Green Lantern #24 (Lights Out Part 1) is another event in the DC Universe. The problem with events when you’re not a normal reader of that series is that you feel like you are just randomly thrown into a chaotic situation. That’s where I’m at now. Relic a badie from another time (and huge) is stealing the power from Oa because the Lanterns are using too much power from the emotional spectrum and will destroy the universe. Only Relic destroys places and people in order to get that power…typical bad guy.



Meh. I don’t really know Doomsday’s story and this telling of it wasn’t very easy to understand. Doomsday #1 ( Batman Superman #3.1) jumped back and forth between a woman telling the story and a father telling his daughter. So the versions you get go from real-ish to sugar-coated. Plus the surprise at the end left me a little stumped.





Joker’s Daughter #1 (Batman Detectives #23.4) was another Villain’s month let down. I feel like most DC badies have someone redeeming quality or at least something a little sympathetic about them but this is my first brush with Duela Dent and I just don’t care at all about what happens to her. She’s just some bat-shit crazy girl that has no reason for being so. Funny thing is, I usually like crazy girls in comics. Just not this one.


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