COMIC REVIEWS: Justice League Dark #22 and Constantine #5,

Justice League Dark #22 (Trinity War part 3 of 6) is another epic battle between the Justice Leagues. Only this time there isn’t so much outside influence. Yes there are people pulling strings but for the most part it’s just people deciding where their allegiances lie. I have to say I like Justice League Dark a whole lot more when they are apart of the rest of the Justice Leagues. I’m interested to see what is going to happen.




Constantine #5 is a tie-in to the Trinity Wars. I’m trying to get the full impact by getting all the tie-ins as well as the meaty parts. In Part 3 of the Trinity War (above) Constantine convinces Shazaam to come with him so that he can learn about who he really is. This issue is the continuation of that. Ah John Constantine, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…1)You had an awesome movie with Keanu Reeves doing a surprisingly good job at introducing me to you 2)You are slightly evil, always untrustworthy and mostly dishonest even when you are trying to do good (at least I think you were trying to do good). And 3) I love the weird English words and sentence structure you use. It was a brief issue and I don’t know how much value it’s going to contribute to the Trinity War series but I’m happy I bought it nonetheless.

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