REVIEW: Exposed by Susan Vaught

Chan Shealy is an all American girl, a baton-twirler, straight-A student. But when she looks for a boyfriend online, sure that she’s following the rules and staying safe, she finds herself the victim of a pedophile whose interests are worse than she ever imagines… it is almost too late when she realizes what she must do to stop him.

Another book I have given up on. I’ll keep it quick but the reasons why I decided not to finish this one are because (1) I didn’t like Chan. She wasn’t relatable and was way too naive. (2) Her family wasn’t really realistic. I’m sure there is some family out there where the mom wears political shirts every day and the father is an obese pushover but again not realistic and not relatable for the average person reading this book. (3) It seems really dated even though it was written in 2008. I felt like a lot of the stuff she was going over was stuff that we all had to learn when AOL came out. Or kids younger than 16 now learn. (4) Her sister Lauren, acted like she was a moody sixteen-year-old instead of an eight-year-old.

I only read about 1/3 of the book and I put it down. Maybe these things that I didn’t like don’t stay consistent throughout the rest of the book. I’ll never know. But if you have interest in it check it out because on Goodreads it does have an average rating of 3.57, so there are a whole lot of people who liked it. Just not me.

Also there is no rating because I didn’t finish it. Who knows, maybe it was fantastic and I’ll never know.


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