Comic Issue Reviews: Trinity of Sin #3, Justice League Dark #23, Justice League #23

After #2, I was honestly thinking about giving up this series. But after Trinity of Sin: Pandora #3 I’ve changed my mind. This one at first had the feeling of filler. It showed some of Pandora’s teachers and then when the Justice League was involved they weren’t directly involved, just characters in the background. But at the end, Pandora comes to a conclusion that she holds all of the traits that the sins has and we get some meat to the story! Can’t wait for the next issue.





Justice League Dark #23 shows the struggle for Pandora’s box from the different Justice Leagues. Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Shazam, and Constantine all get a turn hang on to the box and we see how it effects of doesn’t effect them. It’s a pretty quick read and more of a stepping stone for the next issue instead of learning anything substantial.





Here we come to our Trinity War Conclusion with Justice League #23. Lots of stuff gets revealed in this one. We see the gangs fight each other some more, figure out what Pandora’s box really is, and see how Superman ended up killing Dr. Light. I won’t spoil anything in this review (probably will in my Trinity War recap) but you should know that their isn’t a definite conclusion to this arc. I’m wondering how the rest of this Forever Evil and Villain’s Month plays out because of it.


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