Comic Issue Reviews: Trinity of Sin: Pandora (#2), Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger (#11), Justice League America (#7)

So far Trinity of Sin: Pandora (#2) has been the weakest of the Trinity War Issues / Trinity War Tie-Ins. It just seems like filler. Superman apparently isn’t the Purest of Heart so she has to find the most evil of heart…found him. Next?





Phantom Stranger #11 is another Trinity War tie-in. I don’t actually think it should be a tie in. I think it should be part of the main arc because it tells you so much. If I didn’t read it I would actually feel like I was missing part of the story. If you do read the Trinity War make sure this is part of your purchases.





A little more comes out in this Justice League America #7). We find out what happens to Phantom incase anyone didn’t read the tie-in (read the tie-in!). Superman and his gang find Doctor Psycho to see if he’s the one that caused Superman to kill Dr. Light. Pandora Approaches Lex Luther about him having the most evil heart and Wonder Woman gets the box. A whole lot happens in a short period, very good.


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