Tattoogirl Gets Tattooed! (Again)

Holy Crap Batman! Today, I got two more tattoos. And they hurt. Bad. Super bad.

First up:

It is actually reversed because I took a picture in the mirror. It says “CUT IT OFF.”

Everyone thinks this weird (and I know it is). It’s actually from an interview with Tom Hardy on his movie Bronson. He tells the camera about how he was complaining about his girlfriend to Bronson. Bronson gave him some damn good advice which actually summed up my feelings on life with that phrase. Here is how it went:

Bronson: Do you remember the floods?
Hardy: Yeah I remember the floods.
Bronson: Do you remember that little boy who got his foot stuck in the grate? And the water kept rising and rising. And eventually the little boy drowned because he wouldn’t let him cut off his foot.
Hardy: Yeah…
Bronson: Well that wouldn’t happen to me because I’d say “cut it off.” No matter how much you love something, if it’s going to kill you then you just need to cut it off.

Perfect, right? That’s how I already felt but he put it into three words so I got “cut it off” with a dotted line tattooed around my leg.

Second Up: (and the one I’m more proud of)

This is one of the logos from Rat Queens, my favorite badass-bitch comic. The outline wasn’t too bad, it was actually tolerable but once it swelled up and my guy started coloring in…I saw stars and my language got really colorful. I do not recommend your armpit for a choice location. But it looks amazing.

If you’re in the Missouri/Kansas area and you want to get tattooed, I highly recommend you visiting Hearts of Fire Tattoo in Springfield, MO. The guy that did mine is named Ethen Jackson. It’s his shop.

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