REVIEW: Nightwing Vol 4: Second City by Kyle Higgins & Brett Booth

Kyle Higgins sends Nightwing to the Windy City to track down his parent’s killer!

After the Joker’s attack on the Bat-family, Nightwing finds himself in a new setting with an unlikely ally, The Prankster. Together they are being hunted by the mysterious Mask Killer while Dick tries to find the man who killed his parents, Tony Zullo. Twists and surprises are at every turn in this exciting new chapter of Nightwing!




Caution: Review has spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Prankster is kind of a boring bad guy. I’m betting everyone guessed that he wasn’t actually going to be a new caped crusader. I saw it a mile away. So you’re asking why I gave it a four out of five stars? I had no idea that Tony Zucco, the guy that murdered Nightwing’s parents, was going to turn out to be a good guy. At least mostly…I really enjoyed seeing his progress from murdering gangster to reformed-ish parent. I liked it.


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