REVIEW: Grimm Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood Legend by Patrick Shand & Larry Watts

Expected publication: September 30th 2014
Everyone’s favorite female archer is back! Robyn thought she lost everything, but when the villainous Guy of Gisbourne makes his way to Earth, Robyn is faced with a choice. Return to Myst to save the people of Nottingham once and for all, or live life as a normal person. The final volume of the fan-favorite Robyn Hood trilogy begins now!

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I have mixed feelings about this title. I wanted to like it because it’s a fairy tale retelling. I was believing that I wouldn’t like it because it’s a Zenescope title which I tend not to like. I gave it a try because it was on Netgalley and I was wanting to read a graphic novel.

I did not read the first volumes in this trilogy. Because of that, I’m not going to incorporate my confusion about what was going on at times into this review. Patrick Shand actually did a really good job of recapping what happened in the previous volumes. For those of you that don’t read many comics, you can hop in at different points usually and figure out what’s going on through really good recapping. Talented writers do this in a way that refreshes continued readers of the story and recaps for all noobs. At almost all times, I could figure out all that had happened. Thumbs up to Shand for that.

The art was really pretty. Almost all Zenescope’s titles are pretty. They are always full of super hot chicks too. I know that makes some of you queasy but truthfully I think a lot of people buy these titles do it for the chicks. I don’t mind. I knew what I was getting into and everything was beautifully drawn.

Variant Cover from Robyn Hood Legend (included in Trade)

The story was mediocre. Sorry! It was. I just didn’t care about anyone. Robyn was the easiest to like but that’s because we could hear her inner monologue and struggle dealing with what was happening with Will Scarlet.

I recommend this to people who really like hot chicks in comics (not so much meaningful female characters…), fairy tale retellings, and Zenescope.

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