Batman, Vol. 4: Zero Year – Secret City by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo

The second arc of BATMAN: ZERO YEAR is collected as the New 52 origin of The Dark Knight delves into Bruce Wayne’s past with the Red Hood Gang and his run-ins with aspiring District Attorney Harvey Dent! You won’t want to miss the moment that Bruce becomes Batman! This new hardcover collects BATMAN #21-24.

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Let’s start with the art since I’ve made an error in judgement long ago when I started reading Scott Snyder’s Batman. Before I didn’t like it since everyone was square jawed and bright blue-eyed. Now I read other Batman comics and wonder why they aren’t. When I started reading this volume I was extremely happy to find the comfort of Greg Capullo’s art. The way the may characters are clean looking in a way that Gotham isn’t makes me love it. It’s a very stark contrast against the grittiness of Batman. Please don’t think that makes it fluff it’s not it’s just a style that I’ve come to love in comic artist.

There is stuff like this with his art:

Batman: Secret Year – Zero City

Batman: Zero Year – Secret City

But then there is also stuff like this:

Batman: Court of Owls

He’s a very versatile artist and I crave his Batman work.

Now, as for Scott Snyder’s story, that’s a pretty amazing work all on it’s own. I’ve been so impressed which each volume. (The Court of Owls is probably my favorite). Batman is Batman with him. Alfred is amazing (as he always should be). And villians are terrible. I love every second of his work.

The Killing Joke, is what I believe to be the original version of Red Hood’s tale the way it is. If you by chance look at my review you’ll notice that I didn’t like the story but that I thought it was really good. That happens to me from time to time. (Doesn’t help that I don’t like Alan Moore – don’t nag me about this I’m entitled to my own opinion). But I think with the way this is going that I’m actually going to like Scott Snyder’s version of the events.

If you’ve been reading this string of Batman comics/graphic novels and enjoy them I don’t think that this will be disappointed by this installment.

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