Comic Review: Saga #23 by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples


Check it out at Comixology

Remember: Comic reviews contain spoilers for previous issues

Wow. This book was pretty heavy. I knew it was going to be because of Alana’s new drug hobby and Marco’s situation with Hazel’s dance teacher but I didn’t really expect this…

It’s honestly a great issue. There are times when the books are light but always have this hidden intensity but that have to be offset with books like this week’s issue.

Comixology’s synopsis for this issue was simply, “Betrayal.” It’s on so many levels. You can’t really like anyone but Hazel and her babysitter in this issue. But I love each character for how crappy they are too. And we get a glimpse of said crappiness in this issue. But Marco always remains better to me than anyone else because of how devoted he is to Hazel and even Alana despite the events that almost happen in this issue. Alana sucks more than usual. (Know that I love Alana despite suckage)


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