REVIEW: Invincible, Vol. 9: Out of This World by Robert Kirkman & Ryan Ottley

Allen the Alien returns to Earth as directed by the Coalition of Planets – he’s come to gather information from Mark about his father – the Viltrumite Traitor. Meanwhile, the Viltrumites have come to Earth to check up on Mark’s progress as the reluctant Viltrumite Agent of Earth. Collects Invincible #42-47

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Remember: Reviews may contain spoilers for previous volumes

The main human point that this installment focuses on is Mark wanting to quit school. He’s failing, barely goes, can’t study. He’s thinking the whole time, “what’s the point?” And honestly, I also can’t see the point. It’s not like he’s going to have a real job after he finishes college. His talent is in defending Earth and helping out other societies in the galaxy.

It’s the humanistic side of the Invincible’s story that really keeps me reading. While I love his adventures. I like to see how he just deals with life. He’s a teenage boy with a government job to protect Earth. He lives in a dorm and occasionally attends classes. But it’s so hard for him. He’s just broke up with his girlfriend and there is this potential with Eve… It’s convoluted just how teenage life should be.

As for Mark’s superpowered adventures, this book covers a few things. A surprising event happens (don’t worry, I won’t spoil you) and more importantly, Mark gets a visit from a lady Viltrumite. She’s coming to check on his progress since he’s the designated Viltrumite of Earth. She informs him that someone will be back, whether it’s five months or five years to see if he’s started organizing Earth’s takeover. A minor fight ensues and Mark is left with a lot of anxiety over the whole thing.

I love the perfect balance of Mark’s personal life plus his life as Invincible. I never knew how much I wanted to see that in a superhero comic. But apparently I did.

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