About Me

I’m a 20 something lover of books with 33 tattoos. I have a boy’s name thus the handle Tattoogirl so there are no questions about my gender ^.^. I mostly read, Comics/graphic novels, YA and Paranormal genres but I branch out. Sometimes voluntarily (Japanese fiction, action, etc.) sometimes by force (See Crap My Husband Makes Me Read). I’ve recently moved back to the US from Japan and decided that it was time to put all those reviews on my Goodreads page and my personal blog on a blog dedicated to my favorite addiction: books!

I’m originally from Missouri, graduated from the University of Kansas, and spent four years in Japan as an English teacher. I speak Japanese like a teenager since that was the age group I was mainly around and can read in both languages. After learning Japanese I’ve come to love the English language so much more. It’s just so colorful and descriptive. (not that I don’t love Japanese 😀 )


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for leaving some comments on my blog! It made me curious, so I came over to check out yours! Hooray! I loved it! I subscribed by email, so I can get all your updates. And I have to say I’m so glad that my hubby doesn’t make me read his crap! Some of it would be ok, but he likes WW2 and Civil War non-fiction….bleh!


    • Thanks for following! I don’t think I would want to read WW2 and Civil War non-fiction either. 😀 My husband also reads a lot of Buddhist religious texts and I’m sorry but I’m not going to read that…I did in college and that was enough torture!


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