Comic Issue Reviews: Trinity of Sin #3, Justice League Dark #23, Justice League #23

After #2, I was honestly thinking about giving up this series. But after Trinity of Sin: Pandora #3 I’ve changed my mind. This one at first had the feeling of filler. It showed some of Pandora’s teachers and then when the Justice League was involved they weren’t directly involved, just characters in the background. But at the end, Pandora comes to a conclusion that she holds all of the traits that the sins has and we get some meat to the story! Can’t wait for the next issue.





Justice League Dark #23 shows the struggle for Pandora’s box from the different Justice Leagues. Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Shazam, and Constantine all get a turn hang on to the box and we see how it effects of doesn’t effect them. It’s a pretty quick read and more of a stepping stone for the next issue instead of learning anything substantial.





Here we come to our Trinity War Conclusion with Justice League #23. Lots of stuff gets revealed in this one. We see the gangs fight each other some more, figure out what Pandora’s box really is, and see how Superman ended up killing Dr. Light. I won’t spoil anything in this review (probably will in my Trinity War recap) but you should know that their isn’t a definite conclusion to this arc. I’m wondering how the rest of this Forever Evil and Villain’s Month plays out because of it.


Comic Issue Reviews: Trinity of Sin: Pandora (#2), Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger (#11), Justice League America (#7)

So far Trinity of Sin: Pandora (#2) has been the weakest of the Trinity War Issues / Trinity War Tie-Ins. It just seems like filler. Superman apparently isn’t the Purest of Heart so she has to find the most evil of heart…found him. Next?





Phantom Stranger #11 is another Trinity War tie-in. I don’t actually think it should be a tie in. I think it should be part of the main arc because it tells you so much. If I didn’t read it I would actually feel like I was missing part of the story. If you do read the Trinity War make sure this is part of your purchases.





A little more comes out in this Justice League America #7). We find out what happens to Phantom incase anyone didn’t read the tie-in (read the tie-in!). Superman and his gang find Doctor Psycho to see if he’s the one that caused Superman to kill Dr. Light. Pandora Approaches Lex Luther about him having the most evil heart and Wonder Woman gets the box. A whole lot happens in a short period, very good.

COMIC REVIEWS: Justice League Dark #22 and Constantine #5,

Justice League Dark #22 (Trinity War part 3 of 6) is another epic battle between the Justice Leagues. Only this time there isn’t so much outside influence. Yes there are people pulling strings but for the most part it’s just people deciding where their allegiances lie. I have to say I like Justice League Dark a whole lot more when they are apart of the rest of the Justice Leagues. I’m interested to see what is going to happen.




Constantine #5 is a tie-in to the Trinity Wars. I’m trying to get the full impact by getting all the tie-ins as well as the meaty parts. In Part 3 of the Trinity War (above) Constantine convinces Shazaam to come with him so that he can learn about who he really is. This issue is the continuation of that. Ah John Constantine, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…1)You had an awesome movie with Keanu Reeves doing a surprisingly good job at introducing me to you 2)You are slightly evil, always untrustworthy and mostly dishonest even when you are trying to do good (at least I think you were trying to do good). And 3) I love the weird English words and sentence structure you use. It was a brief issue and I don’t know how much value it’s going to contribute to the Trinity War series but I’m happy I bought it nonetheless.


I loved Bane #1 (Batman #23.4). It shows Bane as a smart yet ruthless character. I think he sometimes gets portrayed as the big dumb venom-sterioded-up block head in games and comics but not in this one. We got to see a little of his life back in Santa Prisca, some of his history, and some of his plans for the future. I’m super excited to read Forever Evil Arkham War #1 to find out what happens next.




Sinestro #1 (Green Lantern #23.4) was also really good. Do you remember how in almost ever Green Lantern review I do, I say that I feel like I’m missing out and want some background? Well I got my wish. I get to see Sinestro before he is a Lantern, how he becomes one, and through what decisions he becomes bad. Great one shot. It did throw me some more questions about things that have happened in the universe, but in a good way, makes me want to hunt down those stories so I can grasp what’s going on in full.




I’m trying to put an end to my complaints about not knowing what the crap is going on in DC universe by reading Justice League of America #6 (Part 2 of 6 for Trinity War) Superman has maybe/maybe not killed someone and his is distraught. The two Justice Leagues feel betrayed because they’ve been fighting against each other, and now Wonder Woman is contacting Justice League Dark for some help. What will happen next? I don’t know but it’s damn interesting.


Green Lantern #24 (Lights Out Part 1) is another event in the DC Universe. The problem with events when you’re not a normal reader of that series is that you feel like you are just randomly thrown into a chaotic situation. That’s where I’m at now. Relic a badie from another time (and huge) is stealing the power from Oa because the Lanterns are using too much power from the emotional spectrum and will destroy the universe. Only Relic destroys places and people in order to get that power…typical bad guy.



Meh. I don’t really know Doomsday’s story and this telling of it wasn’t very easy to understand. Doomsday #1 ( Batman Superman #3.1) jumped back and forth between a woman telling the story and a father telling his daughter. So the versions you get go from real-ish to sugar-coated. Plus the surprise at the end left me a little stumped.





Joker’s Daughter #1 (Batman Detectives #23.4) was another Villain’s month let down. I feel like most DC badies have someone redeeming quality or at least something a little sympathetic about them but this is my first brush with Duela Dent and I just don’t care at all about what happens to her. She’s just some bat-shit crazy girl that has no reason for being so. Funny thing is, I usually like crazy girls in comics. Just not this one.

Comic Reviews: Lazarus #4, Rat Queens #1, and Forever Evil #2

Another great issue we get with Lazarus #4. It’s mainly a fight scene. The fight scene is so good and pretty that you barely notice that you learn next to nothing in this issue. The last page is a real cliffhanger though, be prepared. Can’t wait till next time!





Ooooh. My first issue of Rat Queens. I’d heard it was good but I didn’t think I’d enjoy it so much. The dialogue and weird curses they use are ridiculous and at first I hated it but by the end I just realized that it helps really illustrate what kind of characters we’re reading about. The art is wonderful and I can’t wait for issue two. If you play weird card/board games like Munchkin you will greatly appreciate this.





Arrrgh. These DC epic events are getting harder and harder to follow. I have so many damn comic issues to follow (Really you can’t just go Forever Evil 1-5 it has to be Forever Evil #2, then Phantom Stranger #6, then Teen Titans #24, etc.!?) I now understand why checklists are provided. I’m having a harder time following what is happening in this event. I need to read more of the trinity war first…