Review Policy

I am currently accepting YA, Middle Grade, New Adult, and Adult Fiction review requests. I will accept indie published books but not self-published.

I accept most review book formats: Digital copies for novels must be in a format compatible with kindle, digital graphic novels are okay in most formats, audiobooks, printed finished books and arcs are also welcome.

If it is a book in a series I will request the books that come before them unless I have already read them.

Preferred Genres (but not limited to): Dystopian, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction.

When requesting a review, please include summary, publishing date, date you wish the review to be posted by, and any other pertinent information.

I’m also willing to host cover reveals, book blitz, interviews, giveaways, etc.

You can contact me by email (maibyers (at) gmail (dot) com )
and on my Twitter Account.


One thought on “Review Policy

  1. I would love to send you a review request, but the email link is not working. I work for an urban fantasy author. Please let me know if you want more information at


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